The Streets Of Phnom Penh

SpringSerendipityEmbryoFly with MeLullabyOne WaySpotlightUnicornsShipyardThe Streets of Phnom Penh is a collection of photographs that depict the everyday “colorful” slices of ordinary life that we often ignore and overlooked. It is approached in the genre of street photography of which it has no prejudice and intervention with very if not at all minimal interaction. It may be amusing, surreal, mundane or even poignant. But it is what it is. Among all the ordinary things that is happening around us; there is this one single moment wherein elements will culminate in one perfect climactic divergence that creates that beauty… that wonderful slice of life…the colors of life. Some photographs are shot in expired film. Some may affect us in any way. Some may not. A photograph is more about the viewers, there is no need for an explanation. Regardless of how it affects the viewer is the main objective to in anyway relay something for awareness or information or more so, ask questions.

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