The Building that was White

The iconic White Building has been demolished. For the past 4 years or so, I had the opportuntiy to photo document the building inside and out. This series is not the typical documentary that you see in papers or zines. Although it has a resemblance of photojournalism, it is different in the sense that the pictures are not necessarily connected to each other as a story except for the commonality that they were made in the White building vicinity. Each frame can stand alone as it is, rather than a continuation of the photo before it. It is approached in technique of street photography wherein the subject’s interaction with the elements in his or her immediate isolated environment within the White Building are being photographed. It does not tell a story as whole but gives you bits and pieces of what it looks like inside the iconic piece of history. The series includes demolition teams working as they were tearing down the “BODING”, the photographs were before, during and after the demolition.



A simple documnetation of life in its candidness and purity, where the convergence of elements in one sinlge moment. Capturing life in a tenth of a second, the common becomes the beautiful, as you look into the moments that we often miss. The ordinary becomes the extra and the interesting. It is the purest of […]


Charlene and Junior

It is always a privilege to work with a couple as nice as Charleene and Junior. They both are fun and easy going individuals. Shooting their pre nup is an inspiring experience; their love for one another is very transparent. My warmest congratulations to you both. Thank you for choosing me to shoot your “before […]

This set is basically Cambodia in pictures, it is the life and the landmarks that made the country one of the most travelled and tourist destination.


This set is Cambodia in pictures. The amazing temples and the people draw millions of visitors every year. The capital city Phnom Penh is bustling with richness in culture and diversity as it is rapidly catching up with the rest of the world,its tenacity to cling to the past is still gnarled within the realms […]


The Streets Of Phnom Penh

The Streets of Phnom Penh is a collection of photographs that depict the everyday “colorful” slices of ordinary life that we often ignore and overlooked. It is approached in the genre of street photography of which it has no prejudice and intervention with very if not at all minimal interaction. It may be amusing, surreal, […]


banteay prieb

a technical and vocational school for the disable. the school offers vocational training in welding, carpentry, metal works, cellphone repairs and other skills for the disable students to be able to work independently to somehow help earn a living for the family.  


wooden boats

wooden boats are their life, in a land that once a great marsh; every household should have one. during the rainy season the water will rise considerably and that the only means of transportation is the wooden boat. the rainy season brings fresh into their front yard  but  paths and dirt roads are also submerge. […]